The AHM Story


For over 30 years Dr. Omar Wali has been working in the halal meat industry.  His experience has taken him to slaughterhouses all around the world.

He started his career in the industry shortly after his graduation from Cairo University’s veterinary medicine program as an inspector for national slaughterhouses.  Soon he began a career with private import inspection company Comibasal International Center for Inspection and Control Studies.  As an inspector of imported halal meat Dr. Wali traveled to Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Ireland to ensure halal slaughter practices were being observed.

When he arrived in NOVA, Dr. Wali saw a need for quality halal meat products.  For 24 years he has made it his mission to ensure that the Muslim community had the chance to eat halal.  He uses his education as a veterinary doctor to identify quality products, his experience as an inspector to ensure a halal process is followed and his strong faith in Allah SWT to guide his customer relations and business dealings.